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Thadd's Twelve is a collection of short stories and poetry by Thadd Presley. It contains 12 stories with accompanying poetry, every story has a poem coupled with it. The stories includes horror, suspense, and bit of sci-fi along with poetry for each story. I wrote these stories in 2014 and they don't have much of a unifying thread except that they all came from my mind.

The stories included are:

My Written Frankenstein (poem)
Thrills at the Notell Motel (short story)
It’s Not to Late (poem)
You Deserve to be Bullied (short story)
Sweepstake Eyes (poetry)
The Lies We Tell (short story)
Gigantic Planet (poetry)
Bohemian Inn (poetry)
Freegonism (short story)
One Alone (poem)
Beat Down (short story)
She’s Such a Doll (poem)
Easter, Bloody Easter (short story)
Worm in a Box (poem)
War Against Weather (poem)
Lonesome Lake (short story)
War is not the Olympics (poem)
Count’em Out (short story)
Dark Eyes ((poem)
Shallow Grave (short story)
The Thing in the Sky (poem)
You’d Better Learn (short story)
It’s in our Nature to Talk to Snakes (poem)
For the Love of Money (short story)
Gremlin’s Image (poem)
Jack’s Apartment (story story)

and one final surprise at the end

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If you are interested in my writing, you will find many stories here.  There will be poetry, short stories, and links to downloadable content.  Soon I'll master web making and have everything available directly to you somewhere below.

I've always loved serials. I like writing them and reading them.

"Dark Mountain: A story of lies"

The Dark Mountain towered; a silent witness to what had for so long been a pleasant and green land filled with life and love; knowing that, while everything existed in harmony, the desperate balance between the glory and goodness which presently held reign and the waste which was surely to come, was at a perilous equilibrium and all the excuses, no matter how cleverly used to keep the fragile pieces together, would no longer hold sway for the maniacs who controlled every aspect of an endurable life; so as the terrible death slowly escaped the deep prison, which had held it fast for ages upon ages beneath the gigantic mountain, once again confusion and misery made its way up to the bustling surface throwing the small planet into chaos one atom at a time.

The Dark Mountain looked over the quiet, tranquil glow of the multitude below, where one by one their lights were being extinguished, as the escaping darkness was drawing closed the final rays of that magic fire brought down from the heavens and breathed into their hearts so long ago; darkening one heart at a time, the shadow quickened and gained, as it moved from one heart to another, dousing every hope they held as truth; although the plague came close to destruction every time it moved through the twilight and into the illumination of light's influence, it never once faltered, slowly taking one life at a time and plunging the world into darkness, dimming the lives of all the land to a much darker and sinister reality.